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About GeminiJets


GeminiJets is a die-cast model plane manufacturer founded in 1988. Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, GeminiJets is recognized as one of the benchmarks for die-cast aircraft replica manufacturing. GeminiJets aircraft models are sold worldwide along with their line of airport accessories and buildings. Gemini's replicas include both commercial and military aircraft in various scales, the most popular being 1:400, but also include 1:200, 1:250, and 1:72. GeminiJets models are designed according to manufacturer blueprints and airline Pantone color charts in order to produce the most accurate replicas. GeminiJets takes pride in producing models that are limited edition, and for this reason models are produced in limited quantities and never duplicated.

Whether it is the GeminiJets 1:400 scale or 1:200 scale line of model diecast airliners, Eztoys has a huge selection of GeminiJets airliner models and we are constantly updating our inventory with new GeminiJets releases. You will also be able to find a great selection of military planes made by GeminiJets in their GeminiMACS and GeminiAces, right here at Eztoys!

GeminiJets Corporate statement: "Our models are highly collectible and are all limited editions. As with all limited edition collectibles, it is our policy not to reissue models which have previously sold out. We have gone to great lengths to provide you a diecast metal airliner that replicates your favorite aircraft, without sacrificing accuracy. We use aircraft manufacturers' blueprints and Pantone color charts to assure accurate duplication."

GeminiJets production lines include:

  • GeminiJets 1:400 - Limited Edition Commercial Aircraft.
  • GeminiMACS 1:400 - Limited Edition Military Transport Aircraft.
  • GeminiSelect 1:400 - Limited Edition Commercial Aircraft.
  • Gemini250 Limited Edition Commercial Aircraft in 1:250 scale.
  • Gemini200 - Limited Edition Commercial Aircraft in 1:200 scale.
  • GeminiAces - Limited Edition World War II and Cold War military aircraft in 1:72 scale.
  • GeminiJets Accessories - Hangers, Terminals, Bridges, Mats, and Ground Crews

Die-cast model collectors love GeminiJets. The reason? Two words: All Metal. That's right. The real aircrafts don't have plastic wings, why should your scale model? We love GeminiJets as well. They have a proven record of one quality scale model after another and continue to set the standard. They also have a military aircraft die-cast collection which is building up to be quite impressive.

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