Hobby Master Diecast Model Airliners

A relative newcomer, Hobby Master has managed to quickly become a major figure in the model diecast scene. The reason for this is simple: they produce excellent models. Hobby Master has a habit of releasing unique models and paint schemes, grabbing the attention of collectors that find the unusual to be refreshing. Along with their Air Power Series which is comprised of past and present military aircraft you are bound to hear more about this great model manufacturer.

Dedicated to pushing the limits in this industry, Hobby Master has produced the finest in high quality collectable models, including their own SkyMax line. With the use of customer feedback over time, they continue to evolve and create better ways to bring what the die cast collectable community have come to know them for. Some of these examples can be shown through their lines of Vickers Viscounts and DC-7 aircrafts. ezToys is the #1 place to find these and future releases from this incredible company.