About Model Collector's Guide

We’ve come to realize that the life of an airline model collector can sometimes be a tad bit overwhelming. So to makes things a little easier we decided to create a Collector’s Guide to help those that are looking new ideas or just want to browse through what each manufacturer has to offer. Here you can look through projects put together by fellow collectors and find the planes and accessories you need for putting together your own.

Model Manufacturers

As the airliner model community grows, so does the selection of model airliners. Today the top airline model manufacturers are constantly competing for rights and moulds that will allow them to produce the best replicas. Whether it’s 1:72, 1:200, or 1:400 scale, passenger airliners or warplanes, there are manufacturers that specialize in producing accurate models for any era or purpose. ezToys carries the latest releases and guarantees to provide our customers with the highest quality models from all our manufacturing partners. You'll be able to find models from AeroClassics, Dragon Models, GeminiJets, InFlight200, Jet-X and more.

Model Aircrafts

Want to know about the planes you’ve been collecting? You can find neat facts about the actual planes these models are based off of and the companies that produced them. Manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus have a rich history of innovation and competition that makes the diecast models of their airliners that much more unique.


One of the great things about model diecast airliners is that there are so many airlines out there that it creates an infinite number of possibilities for collectors. Airlines vary from intercontinental, intra continental, domestic, or international and date back to as far as 1909 when the first airline was founded in Germany. Since then many airlines have come and gone and left their mark on the industry. We at ezToys enjoy this history and pride ourselves in the great selection of model airliners we carry. Whether it’s Delta's old color scheme or the newest American Airlines, British Airways, JAL, JAS, or Qantas livery, if it’s out there to be collected, you’ll find it at ezToys.


Airport and terminal accessories are a great way to display your models. ezToys carries a great line up of Accessories that will make your collection into a bustling airport scene in no time. Accessories range from airport mats to terminal buildings and even ground crews that come in various scales to best serve your collection. You can also find high quality chrome and metal stands to fit every model in your collection for that classy display look.