Northwest   DC-10-30  N236NW  1:400

Northwest DC-10-30 N236NW 1:400

Aeroclassics Northwest DC-10-30 N236NW

Aeroclassics Northwest DC-10-30 N23NW Bowling shoe 1:400 Scale Very Limited Production Units Diecast Model Airliner Detailed scale landing gear. Highly accurate tempo print airline livery and markings.
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  • Brand
    Aero Classics
  • Aircraft
    Douglas DC-10
  • Airline
  • Registration
  • Material
  • Scale
  • Dimensions (L x W)
    5.45 x 4.97 inches / 13.84 x 12.62 cm
Warning: Choking Hazard! Contains small parts. Not a toy. Not for children under 3 years.
Customer Reviews
Aeroclassics Northwest DC-10-30 N236NW Bowling Shoe Livery 1236 (cn 46934/160)
Pretty much for me I love this mould and this livery for the the Northwest DC-10. I have several others from other manufacturers of DC-10s but the Aeroclassics mould is spot on as far as I am concerned. N236NW is shown on many times. There are closeups of all the details and you will find them on this model too. The model's engines are well reproduced in shape and size. One thing that really struck me about this model and gave me great enjoyment was the markings on the model The cargo bay doors stand out on the white underside of the aircraft. They also are marked with door handles. These kind of details are the thing we are all looking for in a model. The landing gear is all scaled and Aeroclassics has mastered it nicely. I remember when the first AC DC-10 came out there was a widespread rash of models with broken nose gear but since that time the gear is packed separately in the box. The real air frame must have hundreds of pictures of it. All to give a better view of the plane. On A-net I found that Korean Airlines (HL7315) operated this plane before it went to NW at least through 1986. The real aircraft was in the process of being scraped out at Tulsa, OK in Feb., 2007. There is a sad picture of it on A-net Review by James F (Posted on 1/6/2011)
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