1/72 Gemini Spacecraft (Space)  DRW-50385
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1/72 Gemini Spacecraft (Space) DRW-50385

1/72 Gemini Spacecraft (Space) DRW-50385
1/72 Gemini Spacecraft (Space) DRW-50385 Following Project Mercury, Gemini was NASA’s second human spaceflight program. Ahead of the first landings on the Moon under the Apollo program, Gemini was designed to develop techniques that would be indispensable for future manned spaceflight. Thus, spacewalks, orbital maneuvers, and rendezvous and docking procedures were tested in a total of ten flights conducted in 1965-66. These ten manned Gemini flights all blasted off from Cape Canaveral atop Titan II boosters. The name Gemini was chosen because the crewmen would be seated abreast in their spacecraft, with the Latin word gemini meaning “side by side”. McDonnell Aircraft was selected in 1961 to build the Gemini capsule, which measured 5.79m long and 3.05m in diameter. The 3,851kg module first flew with a crew on 23 March 1965, with the world’s first onboard computer onboard. Features: - 1/72 true-to-scale precision model - Displayable die-cast spacecraft with high collectable value - Aesthetically pleasing color finish with delicate imprinted markings
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Warning: Choking Hazard! Contains small parts. Not a toy. Not for children under 3 years.
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